Own the NFT special edition

The definitive origin story of Ethereum

Out of the Ether captures the renegade style of the inventor and creators of the Ethereum blockchain through more than 100 hours of intimate interviews. It tells the riveting tale of how the project came to life and was almost destroyed in the wake of the 2016 DAO hack. Hailed as the definitive history of Ethereum, this special edition is an NFT that can be registered and authenticated on the LUKSO blockchain. You can see the NFT details here.

How this will work

1. Purchase the book
2. Once it has shipped an email will follow with instructions on how to register your copy as an NFT
3. This will require you to create a
Universal Profile, if you don't have one already.
4. Your new Universal Profile will hold your copy on the LUKSO L14 Blockchain, and will be migrated to the LUKSO Mainnet later